Our friendly personnels are ready to provide these time-saving services :-D

Outsourced Concierge and Errand Running Services
[Guide Price: from S$40/hr +S$10/hr for midnight charge (12am-7am) / Valentine's Day / Christmas / Chinese New Year +ERP and carpark charges.]
  • Pick up / Check / Deliver / Submit: document / mail / legal item / gift / well wishes / proposal.
  • Fetch family member / guest / VIP / employee.
  • Pass on greetings messages via saying / singing to the loved one / family member / friend.
  • Co-ordinate / help to open door for repairman / installation contractor to fix stuff in residential / office unit.
  • Any other reasonable and legal concierge / ad-hoc personal assistant / errand running services.
  • [Booking subject to schedule availability.]

  Please remember to contact us for price quotation when you need any of our services.

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